Happiness is in Creation not Consumption

Between Jan 2016 to April 2017 , i read everyday few inspiring articles/watching videos for motivation .For few hours i used to be inspired and then after all the motivation got reset .

With the past one year experience of just reading things without applying i learnt below things

  • Reading tons of articles/watching videos without applying is useless.
  • No impact if whatever read is not put in to action.
  • Instead read just one post and apply it , the impact will be huge
  • Create something everyday it might be a simple post / program or at-least 100 words.Eventually you will improve bit by bit.
  • Doing something is far greater than doing nothing
  • Identify real/virtual mentors whom you can resonate with.Only follow their blogs for consumption.
  • Books are greater resource for consumption.
  • Daily create something if you are lucky enough one among hundreds may become a masterpiece.
  • Happy creation.




I am Sreeharsha from Bengaluru. I am working in java for the past 6+ years. In this blog i will be sharing posts regarding java , advanced java , monthly challenges, collection of quotes , my themes and many more. If you like my posts please follow my blog.

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