Power of Minimalism

In the past 6 months this is the theme which has the most profound impact in my life.Minimalism will be in the top three core themes which I like to follow for the rest of my life.

I started to possess things only which are necessary , without which i cannot survive my day to day life.

After applying this theme in my life things started to change drastically.If i plan to buy something, first i will ask myself a question is this thing necessary/luxury , if it is only necessary then i will buy.

I started to apply minimalism even to my thoughts.i will think about the situations which are only in my control and started to eliminate the anxieties i have about future or regrets about past.

I will be updating the effect and impact of minimalism on my life during the course of time.


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I am Sreeharsha from Bengaluru. I am working in java for the past 6+ years. In this blog i will be sharing posts regarding java , advanced java , monthly challenges, collection of quotes , my themes and many more. If you like my posts please follow my blog.

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